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ARSI Verde to offer Systems Engineering Methods Course to Management Specialists

ARSI Verde, Inc. partnering with "Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist"® to offer the original "Introduction to Systems Methods and Tools" developed by Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. more than a decade ago. The up-dated version includes new technologies and is focused on systems concepts in organizational and operational environments. Course information and corporate training sessions can be found by visiting arsiverde.com.

Our Future: The Ins and Outs that may make or break technology -
Rocket Times Staff, 1 January 2014


- Blogs
- STEM (Oh, my! And why.)
- Political parties (Swear to blog, this one counts.)
- Big wind (except for the truly delusional.)
- Small Business Innovation Research Grants (yawn)
- US patents for small entities (Too expensive, exposes technology and trolling)
- Manual texting
- GMO crops (Even the cab driver new why. So it is really over for the GMO crops, we hope).


- UAS technology (My drone or yours?)
- Crowd-sourced news
- Woman makers
- Everything organic
- Distributed energy and the microgrid
- Broadband dreaming and the beginning of the biggest infrastructure and economic
improvement in decades.
(Creation of a new economy and real competition in technology.)
- Zero-energy and independent-energy housing
- Non-electrolytic energy storage (Bye, bye batteries, almost)
- Voice activated texting (Going hands-off; Go Dragon!)
- Car sharing and on-demand pubic transportation and the beginning of intelligent transport.

Next big trends:

Going rogue!

- F*#K Facebook and Twitter, go rogue! Building individual sites to share our thoughts, creations and other narcissist undertakings. New trends in creating mobile sites with automated feed and links; the next biggest trend in taking back our copyrights and content and ending the threat of hackeritus.
- Back to cash and reduction in the use of plastic. (At least for those who recognize the real threats come from within.)


Big out for 2015 – Commercial space (As NASA becomes less relevant)
Big in for 2015 – Private space (As technology and real profits replaces politics)

RIP 2013 – Our biggest losses

Kodak (The best patents don’t count anymore.)
BlackBerry (Loathing and fear in the boardroom.)
US Dominance in Space (Reason number 2 why we hate Washington .)
All rationality and reason in politics (Maybe it really is time for prayer.)
Privacy, human rights and dignity (History will not be kind.)

Top Trends announces Spring Symposium

Top Trends™ and Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist® will be hosting their first symposium in late Spring of 2014. The Symposium will offer several sessions on issues taken from the speaker series and an awards dinner as well the book party for the first book published by Rocket Times™. Look for up-dates in the coming months.

ARSI Verde™ publishes the corporate "Green Pages" and e-newsletter

The ARSI Verde™ "Green Pages" is published to create new approaches to successful greening of business and industry. The new e-newsletter will arrive on the arsiverde.com site in January. It will offer news of opportunities for greening your business and community. Subscription is by email to info@arsiverde.com.

Book offers look at the future of space transport (image right)
Matthew Bentley's technical look at spaceplanes is accessible to the non-engineers and offers a new perspective on the most sustainable space launch systems. Published by Springer.


SITARS & ARSI venture into neural control across software platforms

Expanding and improving data analysis and communications using advances in neural technology will increase the efficiency and competency by which research results benefit the scientist and the research community.

Current software is constrained by the mathematical models used. These new systems create their own math to adapt to changing environments and requirements.

Aerospace Research Systems announces a breakthrough in resident computing and controls

ARSI's new class of functional structures proves neural control of membrane structures. This new development creates programmable materials and structures for space, medicine and energy. Above: ARSI programmable structure based sensors.

Top Trends™ Series

"Emerging & Disruptive Technologies: The Role of Innovation in Society"
Second Session 2014

Spaceplanes: From Airport to Spaceport, published by Springer. Coming Soon: SITARS Books.



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