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Redefining the definition of entitlement and creating better value for taxpayers - P. Menges | 1 January 2014

As budgets shrink and cities scramble for efficiencies in tax dollars, the undefined and rarely discussed "corporate entitlements" need to be reviewed.

Many cities and counties nationally are saddled with taxes directed solely at subsidizing professional sports teams. In some cases, cities like Cincinnati have billions in commitments that will never be met by the current tax base while infrastructures and schools flounder. Other issues surrounding subsidized parking garages have provided tens of millions of dollars to major corporations with little or no return or benefit to urban parking or business access. Further, changes in zoning essentially throwing the less privileged out of existing housing stresses existing low-income properties and inner city neighborhoods.

All cities rely on taxes for operation and growth, but the age of the corporate entitlement must end to insure a safe and healthy
future for even the smallest urban areas.

My 2013 faux pas - P. Menges | 1 January 2014

My responses to questions about micro autos from an unpublished interview (my bad):

“It has eleven air bags? Well you know it will float.”
“Why are you afraid of a Suburban humping a Smart Car?”
“How many hamsters did it take to model the engine?”
“You think people would just ride bikes.”
“Yes, it should come with a funeral wreath.”
“Maybe they are working for the day when we will just buy the kit at Sam’s.”

For the record I am not against micro cars or their mini relatives. I am, as an engineer and former test driver, disappointed that
there are so few really good performing micro's. The Europeans made them fun for those of us at school in the late eighties and nineties. Now we are eagerly waiting for the micro that will really zoom and get good gas mileage in the US. The big question; "If they can do it in the EU, why not in the US?" So far the naughty little Fiat gets my vote, but Mazda will always have my heart.

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