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Sometimes It Takes A Rocket Scientist provides engineering services for the space medicine fields including technical project planning, design, and product development.

Born of innovation and frontier technologies, Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist, Inc. is commercializing information and knowledge management systems based on neuromorphic and quantum technology. The newest of the ARSI spin-off companies, Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist, Inc. is developing a new generation of computing and media technologies for the 21st century.

Why Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist?

Science has an amazing opportunity to create a future that frees humanity from hunger and poverty, provides safe water and housing, eliminates the threat and actuality of war, rebuilds the environment and develops clean energy and transportation systems. There has never been a time with more opportunities, more resources and greater access to supporting technologies to communicate, share, design or produce solutions.

So why is our name “Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist”? It is because where this is the best and most auspicious time to do great science, science is not the solution to everything. We are partnering with philosophers, writers, artists, theologians, physicians, architects, and others to build the most effective, creative and innovative methods, ideas and solutions.

The new organization also offers advanced electronic publishing and knowledge management programs designed to serve educators, scientists, researchers, planners and corporate and government leaders with the best information and processes available.

We are continuing our educational outreach to schools and communities. Aerospace Research System, Inc. (ARSI) that founded the original “Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist”program over fifteen years ago created us to commercialize revolutionary technologies to kick-start a new era in computing and publication for education, industry, research, and space exploration.

And the primary reason “Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist” was founded, education and STEM outreach will continue with new dedicated staff to support the development of future scientists.

Above right: Revolutionary technology based on advanced materials and solid-state quantum computing technology serves as a model of development for products by merging frontier technology with open architecture systems.


The Advent of Intelligent Structures:
Founding Technology in Neuromorphic Systems

Small specialized micro aerial vehicles or MAV's are being design using membrane wing technology and are envisioned by Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI) scientists to fly within the atmosphere of Mars and create a communications networks for robotic and human missions. The ARSI MAV's are powered by solar energy and will provide remotely sensed data and a communications network. The proposed network provides a Martian Internet with navigation and environmental data. In 2005 the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts funded a Phase 1 study evaluating the technology described as a new class of functional structures. The Artificial Neural Membrane (ANM) Technology offered the first true neuromorphic computational environment to demonstrate functional technologies.

This technology is entering the commercial technology on earth to improve energy, medical and transportation technologies.


STEM Resources

Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist” STEM Resources for educators and students is continuing with new products and programs.

The Top Trends™ 2013-2014 program includes several opportunities for community education and organizational development including STEM Facts for Business and the Emergence Factor, discussing the frontiers of science and technology. “Sometimes it Takes a Rocket Scientist”® is a Top Trends™ partner.


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